Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brand New Bag

Like many womens, I have a hard time spending money on myself. I don't know if it is a self-martyrdom complex or just that I am a skinflint in general. (Or maybe a gruesome combo of the two?) But I agonize particularly about spending that is specifically for just me.

I go six months or longer between hair appointments.

I buy clothes once or twice a year.

Don't even talk to me about "accessories".

Accessories, for those not in the know, refer to all those little items that add up to an ensemble- not counting the clothes. (or shoes, which are their own category. Don't ask me! I didn't make this shit up) Such as: Jewelry, scarves, and ......bags.

Jewelry? i am the anti-bling. (although as I age, i begin to see how the little touches do really bring something to an outfit)

Scarves? they keep you warm in the winter, or are tied around the waist for belly-dance class. (To better accentuate your "bumps". as in a movement. not as in "lovely lady lumps" you dirty perverts)

Bags? well, they are a necessity. how else is one to cart around that mountain of ATM receipts and old pay stubs? If left to my own, cheap devices I would probably be carrying my belongings in a backpack that I bought in 2004 for a trip to Europe. Luckily, i have a very talented friend who hand makes bags for a living. Lo, many of his pretty, classy sparklies have I coveted. Of course, due to aforementioned circumstances, I can never actually bring myself to purchase one of the really gorgeous ones for my little, unworthy self. Even after my cat pees on the one I'm carrying- as happened last week. (I threw it out)

BUT. I do benefit from the largess of said friend. In the way of mis-made bags sent my way, or in a recent, overwhelming, display- a group of FOUR (count 'em- four!) older bags found during a moving clean, surreptitiously slipped to me in a freezer. (True story! I refuse to explain further)

So. I am set for life.


alexis said...

did my package arrive yet?? :(

Why is Monster still peeing all over things?

stef said...

no package yet. Was it a "leaky" one? monster peed on it because his boxes needed to be cleaned. (Which I was PLANNING on doing later that day, but, whatever) Also, I had placed it in the peeing spot. An area where it is always a risk.

Lakeview Coffee said...

The peeing spot! LOL, that's awesome. Buying for yourself can be tough sometimes. I'm with you. It takes me forever to buy stuff for myself....usually because I don't go shopping except at Christmas. That January credit card bill sucks.

Pulisha said...

And here I thought you were hinting at what you might want for a gift. Silly me ;)

Sorry Monster is still peeing on things. That is why Mimi is now an outdoor cat!