Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Happy

Due to a slip in the planning department, my daughter and I have birthdays 11 days apart. As soon as I saw the due date I resigned myself to at least 18 years of being overshadowed, possibly up to 25.

I say "planning" because believe it or not, birthday date was taken into consideration when the procreation idea came around. At least in my mind it did. But you see, I had given us a few months of "trying" figuring we'd end up with a kid with a late march/april bday. Putting it squarely between my birthday and husbands.

My immediate Family's birthdays are actually pretty well spaced, (Feb, April, June, August, Dec) though I doubt my parents had that in mind when they were having us. Pregnancy in my mother, sister and I has tended to run as follows:

"I think I'd like to have a baby- holy crap, I'm pregnant!"

OK, that's a slight exaggeration.

Since I have the family history, you may question why I gave myself the buffer zone to begin with. Well, the truth is, when you've spent 10+ years of you life trying not to get pregnant, it's sort of hard to turn the wheels around. You're not sure what's going to happen.

So you go off the pills.Wheeee! It is kind of a thrill. Even if you haven't used any kind of platistic protection for years, there is the psychological freedom any time THIS COULD BE THE ONE. Hey we're not trying - we're just not not trying if you know what I mean. Then the 1st month passes. And you get your period.

Oh lord. Could something be wrong? You think about those times in your life when you maybe could've got pregnant but didn't. What about your husband/partner/sperm donor? Has he ever knocked anyone up? Certified? What about those pills/iud/norplant you've been on for 2/5/7/10+ years? How is that gonna effect everything?Maybe I need to look at my cycle or read a book or something. next month....

Well, if you're me you get pregnant. But I know for others it can go on longer than that.

So yeah, baby- me birthdays close together. that's what I was talking about at one point, wasn't it?

This year I find myself in the awkward situation of having 2 parties within a week of each other with many of the same guests. (My birthday celebration, held at a bar, admittedly excludes the under 5 set) What kind of situation have I put these people in? Will they feel obligated to attend both functions? Or will they say "let's put the effort into making the kid's party"? Lord knows the weekend hours are precious to all. Let me just put in writing that I will not be offended if my party is skipped. As long as I receive a gift.


Lakeview Coffee said...

I still think if you're thinking about the birthday potentials during procreation, you might not be fully invested in the moment.

alexis said...

that's tough one... but once the kids get older, Yelena's parties will be about you baby sitting all your friends' kids, so maybe they'll then feel obliged to come to your party the week after.

kegz said...

My birthday is December 18. Jesus, Santa Claus, and office holiday parties overshadow me every year. That's why I force people to join me for my birthday.

You're right though. We're not trying not to have a second, and I might avoid a certain week in March, just to save the 2nd child from a December birthday (and further overshadowing mine).nh

Adam said...

in either case, we are getting your baby D-R-U-N-K!

it's the only sane thing you could do.