Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Myspace Shmyspace

So the deal with the rocking is that (well, one of the deals anyway) I have been in an band for 6 years. We have gone through some peaks and valleys. Well, a very long and drawn out child-bearing valley actually (Not just me). My husband and I want to move to Cali in 2 years or so (many reasons, free childcare chief among them but also: WEATHER), so i feel that this project that has languished for so long is in a do or die situation.

I feel strongly that the music we make is awsome and has the ability to have a wide appeal.

I enjoy the creative process and performing.

NONE of us really has the chutzpah/balls/wherewithal to put in the networking/schmooze time neccessary

2 of us have children, 1 more with a child on the way, not in the position to jump in the van and do a tour

So I am currently trying to do everything possible to promote our music on the internet. But I don't feel I've really figured out how to use Myspace to it's full potential. Or even what other tools are out there to really make it happen. I'm definitely making moves on the weblog circuit with some moderate success so far. What other ways am I missing....?

I also am hot to do a video- youtube and all that plus extra spice to our myspace and website. I have plenty of contacts to get a film crew. I just need a great idea that is super cheap and fast (shoot in 1-day type deal) any idears anyone.....?

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alexis said...

can't help you with your questions, alas. But don't forget facebook, the new networking kid on the block