Monday, February 12, 2007

Round and round

Husband has an addiction to television news programming. a problem i say! I don't feel i need to hear about anything until Public Radio decides it's time for me to hear it.

So the drums have been drumming for weeks now on the tv but I finally heard about it on the radio today so it can no longer be ignored. Iran Iran Iran. (Dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum!)
(Actually the 2nd part of that aside is also apropos - Hand in hand more monkeys come!)

Just what exactly is the Bush administration planning? Do they really think the country would willy nilly follow them again to war on dubious evidence? Even more frightening...would it? I honestly couldn't believe it when we went over to Iraq- it all seemed so unreal, like all of a sudden we are living in pre-WWII Germany and ignoring all the obvious signs that a crazy dictator is in charge, but as long as you and I can manage to live our little lives and we are not the ones going to the concentration camp we can ignore what's happening....

And if we got into another conflict, who is there to do the fighting? My sister is currently trying to extricate herself from the airforce. Would she end up stuck? She has 2 young children with another on the way. What about conscription? I like to think that husband would be too old but... you never know.

My eye is still jacked up too.


alexis said...

yikes! What did the nice Korean optomitrist say?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you can always tell another mom (Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb is my favorite!)