Friday, February 9, 2007

Rockin for no one

One of the things about being in a band for 6 years is that when you tell people you've been in a band for 6 years, they sort of expect you to have something to show for it. The truth is it took 3 years for us to release a full-length album and we are just now trying to put some more energy behind it. Babies have been had. Bla di blah and so forth. There are many many reasons for our current status, which I will discuss in another post some day.

Regardless of how long you've been together, there are shows that you play that no audience shows up for. It's cold outside. you didn't tell anyone about it. You have another show coming up next week. etc. It's usually not a problem for me to play an empty room. Of course, it's more fun to play for a full one. But it's not a problem, it doesn't get me down.

Except this was the 2nd one in a row.

So boo! Cold go away. The next show will be a big one.


kegz said...

But I was there!

alexis said...

I was there in spirit... :(