Wednesday, March 28, 2007

4 Days till Rock show

Why does 4 seem so much closer than 5 did? Voice appears to be no better or worse. I feel like the tepid water is helping a little, although it may just be wishful thinking on my part. I think I will start thinking of ways to "talk" through some of my songs if I have to. gak.

Here are some fun facts for you culled from a myriad of sources that I can no longer find:

1. Gargling w/salt water is in fact, detrimental to your vocal chords
2. So is whispering

Who knew? No you do!

Unrelated: How long do you think it will take for the Chicago police-officer-beating-up- a-female-bartender-half-his-size to make it into an episode of Law & Order? My guess is by October.


Dad said...

Have you had AinA check with her opera friend as to any thoughts on voice protection and repair?

Lakeview Coffee said...

Really? Oh, you know what? Maybe the salt water is bad for your vocal chords, but it seems to help soothe my throat. I'm not singing though.....for which everyone in Chicago should be happy.

alexis said...

wait, someone got beat up in Chicago?