Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In the Spirit of Sharing (Ep. 1- Smitten Kitchen)

For those days when I am experiencing the "bloggers block" as they say, I am introducing a feature to motherocker.

Entitled "In the Spirit of Sharing"to signify that it is in no way related to any laziness on my part, the feature will include links and descriptions of some of my favorite blogs. I recommend you check them out and perhaps you too will add them to your daily list of items to read.

Smitten Kitchen

This is my favorite food blog in all the world. I'm not sure how how I stumbled onto this blog, although I was reading it's predecessor ( for quite a while. The blogess, Deb lives in NYC and has a way of relating food stories (cooking, eating, sharing) in hilarious and intimate detail. She also takes amazing food porn pictures of the food she cooks that make me want to print out the recipe each day and make what she made. And I often do! She has yet to steer me wrong with a recipe. (I must mention that my recent pretzel obsession and all the recipes I have made come from her site)
She is as fond of epicurious and Gourmet magazine as I am and she is also a recovering vegetarian. (I'm pretty sure)
You will find everything on this (searchable) site from sinful sweets, to bread, to wholesome salads, pastas, what-have-you. All kitchen tested with pictures to prove it.

If you get a chance to check it out- let me know what you think!


Dad said...

OK I will admit that I really wondered what "food porn" was so I went to the site as directed. And while my imgaination had taken me into a totally different direction, those are incredible food pictures! I need see if I can hire Mom. But then I'd need to learn how to upload and post the pictures.

Deb said...

Why thank you! You say such nice things! And I am a recovering vegetarian; to this day, when I think of dinner it doesn't occur to me to add meat. But, it has freed me to use glorious things like beef stock to make couscous. Have you tried this? It's one of my favorite sides.