Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So this is 2

kids: they'll wear you out.

I went home yesterday to entertain the toddler whilst husband was ailing. It was actually sunny outside and warmish.

We went to Gompers park to feed the ducks. Then we spent time climbing up and down the stone steps to the (barely there) stream which was both walked in, splashed with hands, leaves were dumped into and pulled out of. Walked by a gaggle of geese foraging in the grass.
Continued on to playground. Much swinging of the baby swings. minor swinging of the big-girl swings. Much observation of a nanny and her two younger charges. Stairs to BIG twisty slide climbed and slide slid, sans parental assistance. teeter totter. steps to bridge climbed, bridge crossed, slide slid.


More outside! She led me to the playground by our house, me with sinking heart. The playground close by is usually jam-packed with older kids who usually don't pay attention to the small ones. (why would they?) So it is always a rather heart-attack inducing experience for me. There was once again much swinging on the toddler swing. After she mentioned that she was in the sky, I encouraged her to try to touch an airplane with her toe- cutest thing ever. I forgot that was the best thing about swinging- feeling like you are flying. Then she climbed around on all the climb around thingies, while the older kids whizzed past and she watched them. And I ran around to all possible areas where she could fall off and cause bodily harm, heart in throat.

I can already tell I am my mother. When she is a teenager, I too will not be able to sleep until she's home.


Lakeview Coffee said...

See, you act like a reasonable, responsible adult. Point made. Sounds like a great day!! Good for you. Hopefully husband is feeling better.

Dad said...

That was one of the sweetest things I think you ever wrote. You're a great Mommy. Who'd have thunk that 10 years ago.

alexis said...

agreed! (Sniff) that entry really touched me.

Not quite enough to have kids of my own, but touching nonetheless

Stacy said...

I know! I need to go to work to rest sometimes.

Pulisha said...

*sigh* isn't motherhood great.