Friday, March 2, 2007

Sick on your Birthday

So my poor little Dukes has been very ill with a high fever since Tuesday and we've had to cancel her birthday party. Luckily, she is still too young to really understand that she is missing out on anything. I think I am probably the most disappointed about it, having spent a certain amount of time planning and preparing and so forth.

There is nothing worse than being sick on your birthday. Other than perhaps, your sibling(s) being sick on your birthday- resulting in party cancellation but you feel fine. The most memorable one for me was when I was turning 8 or 9. I got the chicken pox and not only was I sick on my birthday but also missed out on the one and only time my parents took the family to the ice capades. (They brought me back a pennant. whoop-dee-doo) My sisters than proceeded to pick up the illness. I believe they eventually had a party for me, about a month after the actual date. But at that point, you know, there was no point. (much like celebrating your 21st birthday in Australia- another story, another time)

Have you ever been sick on your birthday?

PS. Don't worry, per the Doc, " it's a virus. and it's going around." ain't it always?


Lakeview Coffee said...

Solid entry Stef. My birthday is a week before my mother's and two weeks before my sister's, so my party was usually least from what I can remember. Maybe that's why I'm not a big birthday person now.....four decades of not going to the Ice Capades.

Duncan said...

Happy birthday to the wee one. A 21st birthday in Australia, you say? Was I there...?
PS go marvel at Art Brut in April:

Pulisha said...

It's so funny what you remember from childhood. I totally don't remember ever going to the ice capades, but I cam very distinctly recall how pissed you were that we had to keep postponing your birthday party since Lexi and I somehow managed to catch it consecutively rather than at the same time (poor Mom!)

alexis said...

isn't it? I vaguely remember the actual ice show, but I distinctly recall seeing that pennant in your room for years afterwards.

I don't think I was ever sick on a birthday, but I want to hear the 21 in Australia story now!

stef said...


Art Brut: friends? or just a band you like?

Duncan said...

I don't know them personally but I know they're not just a band: they're a state of mind... And that state of mind is playing Chicago.