Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Recording: It takes longer than you think it will

Keep in mind this is from someone whose band took 3 years to put out an album. (Although to be fair, the recording portion probably only took about 9 months)

TR and I put it down last night. All by ourselves! Well a basic track any way....for 3 songs... 2 of which will probably have to be re-recorded. But it is a beginning!

A glorious begininining (na-ning)

Get this. I am the engineer. (snicker) I just have to figure out how to make edits in this here garageband thingy.

Now we need a name. Suggestions appreciated.


Lakeview Coffee said...

Wait, you need a name for the song or the band? You have a name for the band don't you? I'm completely lost...maybe my brain is still sunburned from Tampa.

alexis said...

Rock on, mother-rockah! Name ideas - This is The

Or in honor of my breakfast: the vlokkjes (flock-yuhs)

stef said...

lakeview -my band has a name. The songs I'm writing w/TR are independent of that so we need a name for the 2 of us.