Monday, April 9, 2007

Bunny Day

Since Pulisha asked....

Miss Dukes had a fine old bunny day. When she woke up, we handed her her bunny basket/bag and told her the Easter bunny had come by. She had been prepared earlier by watching a couple of bunny-themed television programs including Dora. Husband had left a trail of eggs and other goodies leading down the hall, down the stairs and through the house. (Husband went a little overboard on the treats.)

"There's a e-gg!"
"There's another one!"

She found a lot herself, but was equally pleased when we pointed them out to her. Inside the eggs? Baby Eggs! (malted milk and reeces pieces) We dumped them in a big bowl and she enjoyed running her hands through them, picking them up and dropping them and even sticking her feet in there. She was hanging on to two of them in her little hands for at least 20 minutes before she got the idea to eat one. Dada said it was alright and it wasn't long before her mouth was covered in blue.

After nap time, Mrs. H invited us over for dinner. We had yummy carrot soup and multi grain rolls she made herself- from flour she GROUND HERSELF with her new industrial-strength blender. Miss D. chased the cat around and gorged on raw chocolate dessert. She walked most of the way home by herself to burn most of it off.

Hope your bunny day was as nice as ours was!


Dad said...

Oh my goodness, I can so see the cute mischievous little face with those expressive eyes running running her fingers through the candies. Sigh.

Lakeview Coffee said...

I like the picture you painted! Next year, M&M's; they melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

Sounds like a fine Easter!

alexis said...

see, it's stories like this that keep me from baking. How can I compete?

Pulisha said...

How adorable! I can just picture her running from egg to egg downt the hall. That makes a lot more sense than actually trying to hide them at this age (making another mental note to self ;)