Friday, April 6, 2007

I am determined to post today. And yet, I have nothing to say. Nothing that has been rattling around my brain really seems worthy of elaboration and witty commentary.

How do you feel about cold pizza? For or against?

I myself am pro-pizza regardless of temperature. Definitely a pizza out of the fridge for breakfast person. But I've heard that some people are grossed-out by that.


My daughter does not like the hair-dryer. ("It's too windy") This is a challenge when it's 30 below and one has to put a wet-headed kid to bed.

In conclusion:

Any plans for Bunny Day? Thinking about an egg-hunt for the little one, but am undetermined. Enjoy it regardless!


Lakeview Coffee said...

LOVE cold pizza, if it's thin or regular crust, not deep dish. Even Dominoes tastes good cold.

Have an Easter egg hunt vs. the 7 year old niece this year. Might just beat her since she was talking trash to me the other night.

Stacy said...

I am with you - I enjoy pizza at any temperature.

We are going to have a little hunt for Bunny Day. We have large eggs that will be about right to find for an almost-two year old.

Enjoy the weekend!

Dad said...

Definitely against (unless I'm really hungry - then all bets are off). I just don't like the texture of formerly heated up cheese gone cold...or the bread texture either.

I will be with the Pulisha's - at home since I let her off the hook for the Chinese stuff.

alexis said...

against. But pizza is also against me usually, so it may be something of a grudge match rather than a preference.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Ugh. Against. It seems like all the subtle pizza flavors disappear.

We went for brunch with another non-Christian. Don't know why, since we're not celebrating anything, but it was fun anyway.

Pulisha said...

You can't go wrong with pizza at any temperature in my book :)

I have to ask how the eggie hunt turned out. It actually ended up being a little wet here (its been like 80 degrees for the last two weeks and suddenly it drops into the 60s and gets foggy for the holidays, go figure), so we did our egg hunt inside. Jocelyn had an enormous meltdown just as we were starting the egg hunt, so I tried to distract her by showing her how to open the eggs and get the candy. BIG mistake! She proceeded to open half o Caitlyn's eggs and shove as many jelly beans as she could get into her mouth at one time. The, when I tried to pry them out, she started screaming and dribbled all the half eaten jellybeans onto my white carpet. Note to self: holiday festivities should always be planned as post-naptime activities regardless of how early in the morning it is. Also, 1 1/2 year olds are really too young for Easter egg hunts no matter how cute it may seem to you as a parent. *sigh*

Anonymous said...


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