Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Denoument + Passover

Well, thanks to the herbal remedies of Mr. H my voice was present and in tolerable form last Sunday. All was well and we had a nice time. I was hoping for a better turnout but we did ok for a Sunday....

In other news, husband, Miss Dukes and I traveled to the Detroit area and back on Saturday to celebrate Passover with my relatives. This is the second year they've held it there and it was really a lot of fun.

Pesach is the only Jewish holiday (besides Hanukkah) that I've celebrated with any regularity. It is one of my favorite holidays ever! It is all about reclining, the telling of a dramatic story with a good ending and makes you think (again), drinking wine (lots of wine!) and then eating a big meal. What's not to like?

Traditional passover food (special kosher for passover, plus no leavening) tends to be blah at best. But my foodie family went all out this year and everything was really delicious. First off the ubiquitous gefilte fish (husband and i took a pass) followed by (what else) matzoh ball soup! For those of you not in the know, that is the law of how the Passover meal starts. Since I just started eating chicken I was able to partake of the Matzoh Ball soup and it was yummers. The main course was prime rib (yeah...not quite ready for that yet) with brussels sprouts cooked with cranberries (scrumpticious!) potato and parsnip mash w/schmaltz (chicken fat), and gremsels (kremsels?). yum yum yum.
Dessert was a variety of things, my contribution was chocolate carmel matzoh crunch. Basically english toffee w/matzoh on the bottom- it was a hit! The remainder was quickly polished off the next day.

It was really wonderful to catch up with everyone and get to spend such a happy holiday with them. I can't wait till next year!


Lakeview Coffee said...

There's a foodie entry I didn't mind reading since I know very little about Passover or the food served. Good stuff. Luv my matzo ball soup!! You should try it at The Bagel on Broadway south of Belmont and let me know how theirs compares.

alexis said...

I didn't celebrate this year. It's not the same without family.