Friday, March 30, 2007

Vocal Woe

Sorry y'alls, but the show is 2 days away and my voice is all I can think about.

Yesterday it really seemed like it was improving. I bowed out of band practice last night just to ensure a full recovery. Then woke up this morning- and it was worse!

Jeez Louise. This is the most freaking irritating thing that has ever happened to me.

Most people take their vocal health for granted- including me. Even though I've been a performer all my life, I've never had any problems. I think I've lost my voice exactly one other time. No performances were happening, so I sort of enjoyed having a low husky voice.

This, this is terrible. certain portions of my range are just gone. As I talk sound comes in and out and is lower than normal. I put in a terrified call to Mr. H, an actor with regular live gigs and lots of voice over work who has dealt with this issue many a time. He hath advised me on many an herbal remedy, some of which I am kicking myself for not having started earlier in the week. (Throat Coat tea? Hello?) He also seemed very confident that if I started taking these items right away I should be able to pull off Sunday. Of course, his experience is mainly with speaking, which generally does not require a super wide range, but now I am just being a doomsayer.

This is all particularly annoying because, as you may have heard me mention here, the past couple shows have been fairly light in the audience factor. This show is promising a good sized-crowd and we have some special events planned including shooting some reference footage for a possible music video and and that's all.


Dad said...

Hang in there sweetie. When things get this stressful it is important not to put more negative energy into them. Keep a positive mind set and focus on postive images and feelings.

alexis said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and think good thoughts all day! Do you need to me sacrifice anything, such as a bottle of wine? I'm going out to celebrate a friend's graduation tonight.

Pulisha said...

((Stef)) We will be thinking good voice thoughts for you today! I'd offer to give up alchohol, too, but it probably wouldn't have the same impact as Lexi's offer ;) How about if I give up pickles?

Lakeview Coffee said...

I hope the show went well Stef! Hopefully the voice was fully recovered.

Jason said...

Hmm ... it's Monday afternoon and no post from Stef? Did she sing her voice out so much that she can't even write?! OMG!