Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Weekend bread

Here's a post I started a while ago:

So after weeks of all my one-day bread efforts, I decided it was time to get serious. After all, i have a convection oven and let's face it, when I move from this house I probably won't have one again for a looooooong time. So if i want to make a go for real artisan bread, now is the time!

I started easy. A rustic loaf requiring a mere 16 hours for the starter. The recipe made 2 loaves so I indulged in a little experimentation. The first loaf I had the oven on convection setting the whole time. Dur. It was so dry in there it never really got steamy. (Steam! It is important for the crust development!) It was still pretty good but a leetle chewy on the outside. The 2nd loaf I retarded in the fridge overnight so I could have fresh bread in da mawnin'. Having learned my lesson, I didn't turn the convection on till after the 1st 20 minutes. A definite crustal improvement.

I was initially disappointed with the results. I think I was anticipating a more holy interior with a bit more wheaty chew (there is a cup of wheat flour in there, not that you could tell.). But upon reflection and several toasted slices out of the freezer I've decided this was a pretty successful effort.

A friend very thoughtfully typed out some whole grain recipes for me so I am excited to give them a try. I may also go back to my old passion of several years ago- trying to make a real baguette.


Lakeview Coffee said...

Wait, two loaves of bread, 16 hours, 8 hours per loaf? At $50 an hour, isn't that like a $400 loaf of bread? Holy crap!!!

Glad to hear the second one went well though. Good for you.

Dad said...

Don't forget fresh frozen bread products for baby sitters!

alexis said...

that bread looks gorgeous! Makes me wish I lived in Chicago :)

Styling with Renee Michelle said...
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Styling with Renee Michelle said...

That is a beautiful loaf of bread. Since the holes aren't very large, it looks perfect for sandwiches. You are an inspiration to us all, MR.

Pulisha said...

Wow. All I can say is the apply didn't fall far from the tree. I knew Mom's baking gene had to have ended up somewhere! :) I am so impressed, I am at a loss for words (and remind me to visit more often, I love fesh baked bread!).