Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Things are still pretty crazy around here (hopefully back to normal tomorrow) so here is a brief round up of randomness:

This weekend I made:

yummy, healthy veggie chili that only I ate
yummy, not-healthy cornbread (w/bacon, cheddar and corn kernels) that everyone ate (In a certain pint-size case, that is all she ate for 3 meals straight, dinner, breakfast and lunch)
pizza 3 ways- homemade pesto, traditional cheese and sauce and feta cheese/black olive(Neapolitan crust- to thin for an oven that only heats to 525! Or- need to not use fresh mozerella. soggy.)

Miss Duke's friend, Charlie turned 2. We celebrated with him at the zoo. She gave him a hug when we said goodbye (along with everyone else! what can i say? she was in a friendly mood) I hope to get a pic from Madame K soon! (Charlies mommy)

I am feeling my age. even though I only biked 3 days last week, I still felt sore on Sunday. Also Miss D is now 30 lbs which is starting to show it's effects. She is not happy!

T & I spent 2 hours adding an electronic "sh-sh" sound to one song at 4 different intervals.

Update on the scottish invite: ummmmm, i still haven't sent a response yet. Yes, even though I broadcast my ignorance to the internets, it has not been enough to shame me into compliance. Actually, I remember every morning I have to do it and then forget by the time i get home. No doubt the reason those ingenious response cards were thunk up in the first place. Here's hoping I remember tonight! I have it written on my hand and everything.


Lakeview Coffee said...

Written on your hand! Ha!

alexis said...

I thought the chili sounded great!