Friday, May 18, 2007

I scream

A million and one things I was going to post about today. But I think I'll just talk about ice cream.

I have never been to a Cold Stone Creamery, but I read this today and found it to be hilarious. But is it true? You who have ventured there must enlighten me.

Ice Cream is pretty much my kryptonite. For several years I have refused to have it in the house. (At great personal sacrifice!) Our last apartment was 1/2 a block away from the first Sweet Occasions store which was downright dangerous. They serve a Wisconsin-made ice cream called Chocolate Shoppe that is hands down my favorite ever. (Beating all store brands including B&J!) They have the best combination of tasty high-butterfat ice cream with stuff inside that is the perfect size. Not such huge pieces that the ice cream becomes a mere binder for all the chunks inside, but not so small that they don't have a presence. They have several flavors that are so unusual but I have come to love such as 'Fat Elvis" (banana ice cream with chocolate bits and peanut butter- to DIE for!) and Snap-O-Lantern (pumpkin ice cream- tastes like pie!- with gingersnap bits).

Frozen Custard? For all of you who have never been to the American Midwest to try this delicacy I say, GET ON A PLANE, POST-HASTE! It is like ice cream only meltier and more fattening.

So on this Friday afternoon, where the sun is shining but it is still cold as a motherF, I must ask- what is your food kryptonite?


Pulisha said...

Mmmm, meltier and more fattening! :) I have been to Cold Stone a few times and while I think it is a great idea, I find the ice cream to be too rich and overly sugary for my taste. I can usually only eat about 1/4 or 1/2 of their smallest size because it is too much sugar (and I lurv me some sugar!).

Dad said...

Really good French Fries and really good plain donuts (see high quality carbs deep fried, mmmmmm). If they're good I can't resist. Just had that happen in Atlanta on Wed night when I ate one fry (I thought) just for the taste with my burger dinner and ended up scarfing the whole plate when they turned out to be excellent.

Erin said...

I have never been to Coldstone but I have been to many a Maggie Moo's. While I agree that it can sometimes be too much (especially when you just want a nice creamy scoop of vanilla or coffee without any crap mixed in), I did not find that the staff were overly perky. In fact, they seemed quite bitter, much like the waitresses of Friendly's in days past. Good ol' Baltimore!

Lakeview Coffee said...

Wow, my food kryptonite? Hmmm, I could probably list about a dozen things. Wendy's chicken, Hooter's Buffalo Shrimp, these really good corn chips....the list is endless!

kegz said...

Chocolate ice cream (or frozen custard when I can get it) and Doritos. Never together, though.

I know I shouldn't eat Doritos and I rarely do these days, but if you put a bag in front of me, I have a hard time stopping on my own.

alexis said...

I think you know my food kriptonites well enough. ;)

Altho, I gotta posit on the ice cream thing - I prefer lighter ice creams in general, so I've always liked a yogurt or something with lots of non-icecream mixed in. It's why I was never a fan of custard, why I love DQ, and why I miss the sundaes of Friendly's like nobody's business.