Thursday, May 17, 2007

Night-Night Routine

Hee hee. My sister has been cracking me up with her posts lately in which she describes certain conversations she has with her children. You may remember I referenced one recently and she has couple of doozies up today. She inspired me to tell you one of my own.

Miss D has lately been playing this game when she goes to bed wherein if she does not have the blanket on her she throws a fit, but she then refuses to lie down so you can put the blankie on. A typical exchange goes thusly:

Me: (softly, yet brightly) Ok, it's time to lie down.
MD: *big smile* So you can out the blankie on!
Me: That's right!
MD: *pause. does not lie down* Put blankie on?
Me: I will, but you have to lie down first.
MD: So you can put the blankie on!
Me: (tensely) That's right. So lie down please.
MD: And then you can put the blankie on!


Both Husband and I have started using that old saw of giving her to the count of three to give her time to stop doing whatever she's doing that we don't want her to do. So I gave it a try last night.

(include previous conversation here)
Me: Miss Dukes, If you don't lie down I am going to leave the room
Me: *breaks for the door*
MD: (high pitched wail) Need the blankie oooooonnnnnn!
Me: (severely) Well, you have to lie down then.
MD: Then you can put blankie on.
Me: *with a smile* That's right sweetie.
MD: No lie down!
ME: Ok that's it Miss Dukes. If you don't lie down by the time I count to three I'm leaving. One...
MD: (urgently) No! No counting!
ME: twooooo.....*pause*
MD: (forlornly) three.

It is so hard to discipline when they make you laugh!


Pulisha said...

Ha! I love the last bit "no counting!" It's so cute when they're so insistent thinking they can change your mind. J has really toned it down on the whole hitting people problem she was having, but she will still do it on occasion when she gets really excited. Then she'll immediately say "sowy" and give me a big hug and kiss. It's so cute!

Dad said...

The whole discipline thing would be a lot easier if 1) we didn't have the love them thing going on and 2) we didn't have the rest of our life that occasionally we would like to get to.

Think if you didn't have that other "life" (i.e. watching TV that your spouse wants) you could do what I did and just run around with her for two hours until she or you dropped.

alexis said...

I wish I had some kind of amusing cat story I could reciprocate with, but I suspect that would come across as more disturbing than amusing.

I'll just take these anecdotes as the gifts they are and try not to laugh too hard at the office when I read them. :)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Will you come over and tuck me in when I'm drunk? At least I know I'd be in bed with a blanket on. No guarantee though that I'd be any easier to put down!!