Monday, May 14, 2007


T and I almost have a whole song together- but we still have no NAME! (hint, hint) I played it for some friends over the weekend and they were very encouraging. Listening to a lot of great new music over the weekend has me thinking about production now...

Does anyone else have that Peter Bjorn and John song "Young Folks" in their head 24/7? Cause I do.

We dined with good friends the Schriebers over the weekend. I made a delicious mushroom risotto and Mr. Jones made amazing chocolate cupcakes w/chocolate frosting. (They were insanely rich but somehow I managed to eat the whole thing...sigh) When we were all young and unencumbered by childrens we used to have dinners like this much more often so it is always a treat when we are able to get together now. Especially when M sat next to Miss D during dinner. I actually got to eat and converse!

Husband and I made much progress on the basement. (have I mentioned we are having a yard sale next Saturday?) It is amazing how much crap we have between the two of us. I am also getting rid of a ton of books. (If I don't think I would lend it to someone or read it again it went out) AND, also went through my closet and weeded out a lot of pre-baby clothes. not only is my body different, and let's face it, will never be the same again but my style has changed significantly. So it was time to let it all go.


alexis said...

oh oh, take pictures of the yard sale. I bet you guys are going to make a lot of people very happy!

And that is such a brave thing to come to terms with, about your body changing. Makes me a little scared, as I've noticed in the last 4 months the concept of "raising child" has at least a couple times appeared to be not horrendously rancid.

Pulisha said...

I go through this type of purge every time I move (which is just slightly more frequently than the average person ;) It is soo hard to let go of those old clothes, huh? For years I talked myself into believing that somehow my hips would magically reduce in size, but I finally gave it up this last move. I guess baby #3 was the kicker! At least you'll get some extra cash out of the deal :)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I'm sure it's more of a style change than body change Stef! I dump clothes to Goodwill every year too. Just need to do it!!