Friday, May 4, 2007

This is not a post

When I started a blog I was warned by many older hands, "Don't talk about work!" There is many a famous blogger out there whom lost their job due to co-workers finding out about their blogs. And then of course, I tend to do most of my blog entries on my lunch break here at work, where all my internet useage is logged and monitored to ensure that I am not wasting any precious company reasources or engaging in anything that might be connected to non-work. (In fact, a large part of why I started reading blogs was due to work shutting down access to email or any other site I might want to see)

But O. I wish I could blog about my work. It is much like the movie Office Space, only worse. And also less funny. for me. But I imagine would be SUPER funny for all of you.


Pulisha said...

Ha ha! Tim can totally relate. We regularly watch The Office now b/c he claims it is an acurate representation of his work. Having met a lot of his co-workers, I would have to agree!

alexis said...

Oh man, I'm sorry I missed you on Skype this weekend to get the juicy details!