Monday, May 7, 2007

What I did last weekend

This weekend had much pleasantness and some unpleasantness. Yelena woke up with a runny nose and mild fever on Saturday, but was well enough to join us for viewing UU7 at Mrs. H's house later that day. Husband caught it Sunday morning, managed to make it through his movie shoot in the afternoon but spent most of the rest of the day in bed so I missed out on a recording session w/T. : (

We got the DVD of UU7 back from 90/94 months ago but hadn't gotten around to watching it. Both husband and I felt enough time had passed that we would be able to watch the show with more objectively than when it was going on, and we were right. We both felt the show had a lot of great qualities and made us think about ways to re-interpret the material, particularly with film. (webisodes!)

I forgot to mention that Dad was in town on Friday and not only did he babysit but he actually treated us to a night on the town. We got to see a play that one of our good friend's directed and another good friend acted in (Mr. H) and even got to have a few drinks after with Mr. and Mrs. H. Unfortunately for Dad, Miss D was coming down with her cold and apparently woke up several times in the night (which she never does!) Sigh. Things just can't be easy for Dad.

We got to have a Daddy/daughter only breakfast at Tre Kroner (as good as they all say! may I recommend the house-made musili?) which was very nice as I was feeling guilty that I actually hadn't spent any time with him!

Urm, I also baked quite a bit. Soft pretzels for the movie and "french bread" on Sunday. (you'll see why I put that in quotes when I get around to posting about it) Miss D "helped" with the bread and that is a sight to see. Hopefully I'll have some pics for you too.


Pulisha said...

Why is it only when our parents consent to baby sit that our children get sick?? :(

alexis said...

hey, I left a comment here but it didn't save. As god as my witness, word verification has gotten the best of me for the last time!