Thursday, June 28, 2007

First comes the Flood, then comes the Plague

Hoo boy what a night.

Miss D woke up from her nap yesterday with a highish fever (102-103). Medicine brought it down but she was definitely a needy, cranky little 2 most of the night. Poor little dukes!

She then proceeded to wake up at quarter to 2 am with it raging again. She was upset and (hallucinating maybe?) she kept thinking there was poo on her toys or on her bed. Husband and I administered more medicine and finally got her to lie down and as soon as Husband got into bed he proceeded to have an allergy/asthma attack. These infrequent attacks, in addition to being incredibly uncomfortable for HIM are accompanied by loud hacking coughing. So he grumbled something about leaving so I could sleep and was gone. Poor little Husband! 4A few minutes later, Miss D was up crying again, upset because her bed was soaked with sweat. (She insists on sleeping with a fleece blanket on, even in the hottest heat) Husband came back up and took her downstairs with him, perhaps to enjoy some late night Sprout or Noggin viewing. But at this point I was having a hard time going back to sleep anyway. By the time they came back up (sometime after 3) I popped up like a jack-in-the-box.

I hope they manage to sleep late at least. We were supposed to go to Ohio for a family function on Friday, but if Miss D is ill we may have to miss out....:(


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Oh, hope she's feeling better very soon, and not just because I was looking forward to seeing you all.

lakeview coffee Joe said...

Sounds like a tough night for everyone! There's so much humidity in my house from the flood that I feel like I'm sleeping in sweat. Ugh.

Dad said...

I'm beginning to feel like I'm a Typhoid Mary because she got sick the last time I was there. I wouldn't be surprised if John's allergy attack was related to mold and goo in cellar after the flood

alexis said...

oh no! tough times for everyone. Hope you don't get sick too stef!

Pulisha said...

I'm so sorry! When it rains it pours (okay, that was in poor taste ;) I hope the dukes is feeling better soon. Sick toddlers are not easy to care for !