Monday, July 2, 2007

Trip Canceled- Fun still had

So we missed out on our trip to OH, hopefully we will get to visit everyone later this summer...

Miss D seemed 100% better on Saturday, but it appears to have maybe been just a lull between fever and cold symptoms. Yesterday started a cough and a sniffle and it appears to be going strong today. Not sick enough to justify non-stop noggin viewing, but sick enough to be pretty needy and cranky. Poor little Dukes!

Saturday night we attempted to take her to her first ever rock show. Ecstasy to Frenzy (look them up on myspace, my stupid work is blocking it right now) performs covers of song poems from the 60's. Unfortunately, we were misinformed the show would start at 6:30 and it didn't start till 8 so Miss D only made it through a few songs before asking to go home. On the plus side, TR and TM let her play the drums for a bit- why o why didn't I bring my camera...?

Sunday I took her to the pool for the first time. She was not super enthusiastic. Perhaps because the water was cold or perhaps because she wasn't feeling well. But after 30 mins she was asking to go home. So I'll give it another try some time.

For those who haven't been, the Portage Park pool facility is pretty amazing. There is a toddler pool with full-on jungly-gym thing, complete with a water slide and lots of water falling and jetting all over the place. A huge (Olympic size?) lap pool for adults and older kids and a separate diving pool with floppy diving board of the sort that was banned in my hometown during my teenhood for causing too many injuries. Use of the facility is 100% free, you don't even have to be a resident of Chicago, you pretty much just walk in. Our tax dollars at work!

As an adult in Chicago, I have never had an interest in visiting a public pool before. (Why be in a swimsuit unless absolutely necessary?) But who knows what will happen now? When I was a kid we practically lived at the pool during the summer. My summer childhood memories are drenched in the too-short-towel-on-the-hot-pavement, bee-in-my-mellow-yellow, crunchy-chlorine-hair delightfulness of it all. What about you?


Dad said...

Glad to hear that the weekend turned out relatively good in spite of the Dukes sickness. Hope she get's over it all soon.

alexis said...

wow, I haven't thought about the pools in forever! It's true, we used to go all the time, I remember being sad on rainy days when we couldn't go. The best was the giant mushroom at what I believe was the clary's forest pool.

It's funny, I actually really dislike swimming now. I find it quite dull. But I suppose playing with little uni's wouldn't be very interesting now either.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

In Naperville, we had a huge "beach" which was really an extension of a quarry that filled with water and then a crap load of sand thrown at one end. They developed the facility really nicely though and we went all the freakin' time. A big part of it was bringing a dollar so you could have snacks like Tangy Taffy and Charleston Chews and the like. Those were the days!!

Dad said...

We used to go to this lake in Bolton, CT the next town over. It probably would be closed down today because of sanitary issues. On the way back we would stop at Shady Glen (See Black Coffee and a Donut post about their cheeseburgers) for an ice cream sundae. Awesome

Pulisha said...

My memories are identical to yours *sigh* The sticky heat, being forced out of the pool for 30 minutes of adult swim, getting those lemons with the peppermint straws in them at swim meets. Our neighborhood doesn't have any public pools since we're so close to the beach. It sucks because C has never had a chance to take swim lessons (thanks to our multiple moves and living in Japan for so long), and I think she needs to accomplish those before I'd trust her anywhere near the ocean!