Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sorry I’ve been all political lately

One thing that is abundantly clear to me is that the current political system in the US is broken. Whether you are looking at the excesses of the executive branch or tisking at the daily reports of how much money all the presidential candidates are raising (therefore ensuring they will stay in the race), realizing that you too are merely an illness or loss of job away from being homeless, and so on.

If you look at the root of everything it really does come down to capitalism, or basically that the way the country is run is geared to create profit and profits are held above all other concerns. I’m not advocating for communism, which has proven not to work very well either for other reasons.

These people definitely have an interesting way of protest, although I do not have the zealot’s mentality to follow through with such a lifestyle.
But surely there must be a way to find balance. I really think that, especially with distance between the haves or have nots gradually increasing, something will have to change-and soon hopefully. We need one of them velvet revolutions….


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

It is certainly an interesting topic and you're right, the haves and have nots are growing further apart. Relative to most of the world though, we have an established middle class still. The erosion of that middle class is a huge threat to society as we know. China is considered a huge economic and military threat. However, without a middle class, they are just a country with a lot of poor people, bombs and potential. Their middle class is where ours was probably 80 years ago or more. What happens to a society like ours when the middle class dissipates? I have no idea, but I'm sure it's not good!

alexis said...

wow what an interesting week of posts! Sorry I can't add to the conversation, I hope next week will be moderately less insane.