Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Maybe it seems a little early to you, but for me it is never to early to think about gift-giving. For those of you not privy to my family’s great present debate of 2006, you may not understand the degree of angst that occurs when determining gifts. Such as: amount to spend, to list or not to list desired items, and so on.

Last year, I gave everybody books. Except perhaps for the men whom have married into our family, I know every member of my family is happy getting a new book. (Better yet, a new cookbook!) I had a great time picking out books for everyone based on their particular interests and think I could continue to do that until such time as I could afford more extravagant gifts.

Dad had thrown out the idea of each of the adults doing a name exchange, so as to cut down on multi-present costs. This also enables you to focus your present budget on one person, so you can get them something more expensive. (Something they will want more?)

Mrs. H recently told me of an interesting scheme that a friend of hers family does. It sounded like it might be something my family might go for and since they all read my blog- why not throw it out here? ;)

This family loves spending time together. So every year instead of buying presents for each other, they contribute money to a fund. Then every couple of years they spend it on a trip or some activity they can enjoy together. (Hmmmmm, a trip to the French Laundry maybe…..? A CRUISE even…?)

While I find the concept of that very appealing, I wonder if I would miss out on the opening of presents on Christmas factor. Although once you have kids that definitely becomes a secondary exercise.

How does your family do the gift giving?


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

We pretty much go ape-shit on the gift giving....a byproduct of having family members who live beyond their means. The last few years have been better though with a more reasonable level of expense. I actually don't like it much because no one in my family has similar tastes to me, so I end up taking most of it back or getting gift cards that sit unused forever. However, I do enjoy the meal and getting together!!!

Pulisha said...

Oooooh! I love that idea, Stef. I have always wanted to go on a cruise, but I'm afraid Hubs won't do it (we saw a program about unsolved deaths that occur on cruise ships and now he's convinced one of us will be thrown overboard if we ever set foot on a cruise ship). But, I am all for setting money aside so we cango on a trip together. How about China?!

bee said...

Won't be a problem this year Lakeview!
I like that cruise idea ! Wow!

Dad said...

French Laundry...French Laundry...French Laundry...French Laundry...OK I'll settle for the barge cruise down the Rhone in Burgundy.

alexis said...

that is an interesting idea stef! But, I would miss buying presents, even if it were just for one person. Could we do a little of both, maybe - oh oh - everyone exchanges names and we all agree to buy ONLY books as gifts. We can max it out at 50 USD or something. Whatever you don't spend on the book, we contribute to the fund for French Laundry.

And we CLEARLY have to invest the fund.

Dad said...

Or we could save up for us all to sleep over in the "mystery" Alexis flat thing.