Monday, July 16, 2007

Too bizzy to breathe

If you’re wondering why I didn’t call you this weekend, it’s because I’ve been crazy busy.

CRAZY I tell you!

For several months Husband and I have been toying with the idea of doing some short form puppet-oriented video. “Webisodes” is the buzzword for those of you not in the know. Good friend Mrs. H has been working off and on for years with the two fellas that make up Cinemabeyond. We all went to school together, but I’ve never worked with them blah blah blah. They are getting some good pay gigs, but Cinemapete has been antsy pantsy to do some more creative stuff. His idea? Get together with “creatives” once a month for a weekend. Then:

-Creatives bring several ideas to the table
- Hash out the ideas for feasibility (ease of shooting, lead time required, etc.)
- Decide on the best one and loosely plan how to shoot it

- Shoot

-Edit and Complete

This weekend we finally got together and hashed one out. We had some fun and we learned some things, one of which is that if/when we do this again we need to leave ourselves open on Sunday for post. (Voiceover etc.) Is it genius? Probably not. I haven’t seen the finished product yet. Don’t worry, I will post a link when we put it somewhere. J

In addition the above:

- I had JUPITER practice
- Husband worked all day putting in a kitchen
- I recorded some vocals for the Shatwrights
- Spent some moments with Miss D



lakeview coffee Joe said...

Damn woman!! That's a lot for one weekend. And that's your down time!

Dad said...

Go you creative girl...Don't forget the $'s

alexis said...

wow, I feel like a total poop head in comparison.