Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend with Mom (Grandma)

Of course, it is always hard to come back to work on a Monday. But it is even harder when you took Friday off and had 3 glorious days with your Mom, daughter and Husband with absolutely gorgeous summer weather.


Friday was a jam packed day. First Mom and I took Miss D to get her first ever haircut. We went to one of those kiddie places where the kids sit in vehicles to get the cut and every station has a TV set and a pile of DVDs. The child gets a balloon, toy and lollipop when the cut is done which seems like a little overkill to me but I guess different things are going to appeal to different kids. Miss D was perfect the whole time. We got a very nice stylist who was thankfully very experienced with curly hair. She told me cutting it would make it even curlier! (?) and that cutting 1 inch would look like 2. And she proved to be right about both assertions. She also gave me some tips about how to get a brush through it so we’ll see if those work as well….

We had a quick lunch at a diner and then it was off to the beach, Hollywood beach. Miss D had made a brief visit to a beach a week or two ago. (Neither Husband or I are really into sand) This was the first time in swimsuit though, and she had a ball! Her favorite game was to take a shovel full of dry sand from the beach and then run down to the water and throw it in, then run away from the waves. Mom took pics and I’m hoping she’ll send me a few soon (hint, hint). I guess I will have to get over my negative beach feelings…..

After I wrassled her down for a nap, (Miss D that is, not Mom!) it was time to get started on dinner. The beautiful weather called for grilling and dining al fresco. We had pulled out the other whole chicken. I had had my heart set on doing a “beer can” chicken. But mom does not like the taste of beer and Husband, who had had it before said it did taste beery. After a flutter of recipe searches I found another whole chicken on the grill recipe. (Did I mention I don’t really have any carving skills yet? I need to figure out how to break down a bird one of these days. I think I need poultry shears…) It couldn’t have been easier and I recommend you try it. First I made a paste of fresh herbs ( I used dill, the recipe called for cilantro, I’m sure you could use parsley or anything) garlic, olive oil lemon juice and zest in the food processor. Than I slathered it all under the skin of the bird. (First time! Supposedly, the chicken skin is not very permeable and putting the paste under the skin is what keeps the bird moist) The only trussing was to tie the legs together and tuck the wings under. Put your coals in a ring around the outside of the grill and the bird in the middle. Stick the cover on for 45mins to an hour and you will have the most delicious, smoky bird you have ever tasted. No pics, sorry! Smoky potatoes and a zucchini/squash stir fry rounded everything out and for dessert….chocolate cake of course!

Mom made the cake and it turned out amazing. No pics of it either I’m sorry to say. Unfortunately, it was my idea to make raspberry filling which the adults all loved but was not a hit with Miss D. Which made me feel bad as she was the one who wanted it so much! I also nixed the “purple” cake so we could have a chocolate ganache frosting. Next time I will keep my hands off it and let miss D get what she wants! ;)

On Saturday we visited the Garfield Park Conservatory for the first time. So beautiful. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get there. They are currently having an exhibit of rather gaudy (Mom’s word) sculptures. Miss D enjoyed the “mermaids” and seemed to have a good time. Mom got to take lots of pics with all her many lenses. The weather again was sunny and mild so we decided we needed to grill again. We stopped by the Paulina Meat Market and bought a variety of fresh, homemade sausages to throw on the grill. Corn on the cob, potato chips and a crisp salad of celery, apples and cilantro made for a low key, delicious summer meal. Miss D gave a singing and dancing after dinner performance, and ran shrieking with delight when Grandma scooted after her on the tricycle.

Sunday we relaxed. Us three ladies visited the playground and lunched on leftovers before it was time to take Mom to the airport and say goodbye. (sniff!)

Today it is back to the grind, and what can I say? I miss my mommy!


Mom said...

Ahh, I miss you all too. I had a great time. All the eating was fantastic - and the recipie Stef found for the chocolate cake was awesome! Too bad Miss D didn't like the raspberrys!

Pulisha said...

Wah! I'm so jealous! We are stuck in a kid-centric rut (my diet currently consists of mac & cheese, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets) since my step-kids won't eat anything. They won't even eat PB&J! Love hearing about everyone elses culinary adventures, tho (sniff, sniff)

Dad said...

I appreciate your relenting and letting Mom come back to Albuquerque.

alexis said...

I must humbly admit I prefer to read about the kiddy adventures of my sisters than to have any of my own. Haven't been cooking much either!

lakeview coffee joe said...

Sounds like a fantastic family weekend! I should check out that Garfield Conservatory. I haven't looked into it yet.

I was sooooo looking forward to the purple cake!!!