Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Just a brief note before I settle down to read my 27 emails in my inbox this morning.

I wore a coat today.

This does not bode well for my patio restaurant reservations tomorrow night.



Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

How 'bout it? Brrr already. Fall is definitely upon us. There's a reason I remember wearing all of those coats to Bears games though....it gets cold here in the Fall. Every year though it feels like a surprise.

Dad said...

Aggggg no coat with me for tomorrow night!

Mom said...

Our weather has been strange. So hot you could not eat outside after 8AM. Suddenly its so cool that lunch is the only meal you can eat outside. Oh Well, maybe you can change your reservations to inside the restaurant.

alexis said...

the only thing different about the weather here is that it's now officially fall, and thus the cold ass crap we've had since march is now acceptable again.

I hate you all and your warm climes!