Thursday, September 6, 2007

In the Spirit of Sharing V: Black Coffee and a Donut

Everything still suks around here, so to cheer myself up, I am bringing you yet another IN THE SPIRIT OF SHARING.

I normally wouldn't point out a blog by a relative or friend (all available to the left btw, and all great reads!), but I have certain readers that I know would enjoy this blog. Schwartz- I am looking at you! Me repeatedly mentioning it is on the sidebar is not enough so it has come to this.

Black Coffee and a Donut

BCD is authored by two sisters, Xani and Erin, who happen to be my cousins. Those of you who have only been privy to my own, or my immediate family's preoccupation with food and cooking will now see that it is also present in my extended family. What can I say? It runs in our veins!

The blog runs a gamut of food-related topics from shopping to restaurant reviews to recipes and technique. They post lengthy detailed descriptions with lots of pictures. They are witty (natch) and these ladies are not afraid of a cocktail or two. They are located in Charm City, MD (home of my high school) but Xani is a traveler (for work) and frequently posts from all around the country. They talk about everything from haute cuisine to rhapsodizing on the joys of In-n-Out Burger but my favorite posts are when they give descriptions on cooking technique, especially those gleaned from BCD Dad (my Uncle). These are often on the simple things, such as how to break down a watermelon, or cook a giant lobster.

So check it out! As always, I love to hear what you think...;)


alexis said...

I basically vicariously cook through Xani and Erin's site now. saves on the dishes.

Xani said...

stef-- Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm honored to be in the company of your other "In the Spirit of Sharing" mentions!!

Erin said...

Stef - Thanks lady! So sweet of of you to give such a great shout out! Isn't it weird that the whole family is so crazy about food and cooking? I love it though! Thanks again!