Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Goodbye Summer

Three whole days off from work are always a treat, but when you have been working late hours and weekends a long weekend becomes an even more welcome respite.

The subject of cleaning and other constructive pursuits was briefly discussed on Friday evening and then gently ignored for the rest of the time.

I spent as much of my days as possible with my beautiful, magical little girl. We went on long walks, spent time with friends, visited playgrounds and romped at the beach. There was sunburn and bug bites and pee-pees in the lake. Watermelon and BBQ and PBJs flavored with sand.

Quite a perfect summer holiday weekend. Although I'm in a bit of dukes withdrawal today.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Reason #4 why I don't swim near the shore in Lake Michigan.

Sounds like a great weekend!! Good for you. I know you needed it.

alexis said...

wow, my big sis. So domesticated, and dreaming of house-wife status.

JK, I'm glad you got a break! And such nice weather too.

Pulisha said...

Hee, pee pees in the lake is much better than pee pees in the tub! ;)

I, too, tried to have an end-of-summer kiddo blow out. I ended up with two kids sitting with me at the picnic table (we're bored, Mom), one screaming baby, and a toddler who refused to walk on the sidewalk. *sigh* Enjoy those precious moments while you can!!