Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where i will be

Ooosh. I am sure I have lost all of you readers by now with my infrequent posting of late. I wish I could say that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but the day job of death continues to suck away at my time and energy to no end.

Luckily, we leave tomorrow for a relaxing (ha, ha) journey to CA. We fly into LA Thursday afternoon, drop Miss D in Annaheim with the In-Laws for a 2-day Disney fest. Then Husband and I drive back into LA for an evening rehearsal for Harvey Finklestein's Sock Puppet Showgirls. Supposedly we will be driving back to Anaheim to sleep, but we'll see about that....

Friday rehearsal starts at noon at the theater and continues to 6pm. Then we take everyone to dinner (cast and crew). There is likely a 2 hour break in there where we hope to catch up with Pu and her hubbie for a drink prior to the show. We are back at the theater at 10pm and the show goes on at 11pm! (then we drive back to anaheim?)

Saturday morning we hope to catch up with Pu, hubbie and kids if possible and then also drop by friend and castmember J's before we drive (Me, husband, Miss D and Mr. and Mrs. In-Law) to San Francisco. Not sure if any festivities are planned for Saturday evening. Crash.

Sunday morning is brunch with assorted relatives and friends of In-Laws coming to see the grandbaby. Mid-afternoon Husband and I (Dukes to be determined) head to a wedding.

Monday morning - we go home! Eeks. It makes me exhausted just to read this.

As for the show, I am not nervous about the production- I'm sure we can put it together in time no problem as we have successfully done so in this time frame at least 2wice already. But I am nervous about what kind of crowd, if any, we are going to have and what press, if any, will show up to review it. Good signs are that we are listed everywhere (as a highlighted pick on LA Weekly), our PSM heard a short plug for us on the radio yesterday, and that the half-price tickets we put on Goldstar sold out pretty immediately. Not good signs are that we were not listed on Flavorpill (Won't know till day of about Daily Candy), we have zilch regular pre-sales, and no word on any reviewers coming yet (although that is typical). We decided last night to paper the house- so if you have any friends in LA that would like to come on Friday, send me an email!

So keep your fingers crossed!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Good luck with the show!! I'm sure it will be great. That's one crazy schedule for a "vacation". Wow. I'm tired just reading it.

Jason said...

good luck guys. i'm sure the show will be a hit!

i am not a whore!

Tim said...

I am trying to rally up some heads...can't wait to see you both!

alexis said...

I only know emily carvey, if she's still there, I'll try to write her!

Good luck and break a leg!!

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Hope it all goes smoothly, and that you have fun.