Monday, October 1, 2007

Posting from SF

I have a feeling when I get back to work tomorrow things are going to be insane so I figured I better post now!

The HFSPS opening went incredibly well. The rehearsals were smooth, the cast was together and professional. Opening night the house was oversold and the show was well received. Everybody there seems very excited about it. The owner of the theatre space is already talking about bringing more of our shows there. One thing we had noticed about the LA cast is that they are much more self-promotional then any other cast we have worked with before. It looks like this will really work to our advantage as they want to promote the show just as much as we do! Hopefully we will have a positive review in the LA Weekly on Friday and that will keep the ball rolling (Keep your fingers crossed!)

I took some of my magic flying pills and managed to sleep most of the car ride to SF. We did stop at in-n-out burger, but let me tell you it is pretty uneventful if you don't eat burgers.

The wedding was nice although I missed most of it entertaining the dukes. Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.


Pulisha said...

Glad the show went so well. We really, really enjoyed it. I haven't laughed that much in a looong time. It was so great seeing you guys. Hopefully you'll be bringing more shows here so I can see you guys more often!

Jason said...

hooooray! so glad to hear it went well. although i fear this may be the siren call to LA. EEK!

Dad said...

Super glad it went well.

alexis said...

good it went well, but I'm sure what we really want to hear about is: how did Dukes like Disneyland?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Congrats on the successful show!! AND for just surviving that crazy extended weekend.