Friday, October 19, 2007

Going on a Style Journey

So yesterday I was tooling around the nets looking for more haircut pics (I have an appointment Tuesday and am looking to do something drastic) when I happened across this amazing site.

I should probably just do a proper "In the Spirit of Sharing" on it at some point, but what it hit home to me was that not only do I need new clothes but I want to have a style.

Now the truth is that I have always been very lazy about my appearance. I only wear makeup on very rare occasions, my haridos are of the air-dryed, finger-combed, no product variety, and my outfits are (and this is embarrassing) put on in the dark. Maybe not literally, but I often don't take a full length look at myself wearing anything until I've already gotten to work and it's too late.

I would describe my look as "disheveled".

On the occasion that I am going out for an evening or doing anything non-work related I am inevitably trying on endless combinations and the one I land on generally has me feeling, "Well, I don't look too fat in this" as opposed to feeling say, "I look hot!"

Anyway, Miss Gala of iCING has a rather comprehensive 8 day wardrobe cleansing program that I intend to follow through on before going out to make new purchases. Probably won't happen in exactly 8 days but, in an effort to shame myself into following through, I intend to post the results here for all to view.

Witness my transformation!

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