Friday, October 19, 2007

The "Before"

One of the things Gala suggests is to take pictures of your daily outfits. So here is what I wore today:

Yeeps. It is worse than i thought! Let me brutal with mineself.

hair:not touched since May- the length of my roots are not fully apparent here. Also- will I ever outgrow pigtails? (Never!)

jeans: given to me by Sis AinA in June because they didn't fit her well. Guess what, they don't fill me well either! They are low riders and give me the dreaded "muffin top"

oversized boatneck top: not covering the muffin as much as I thought it was. Also- where are my boobs? Note to self:Seriously need a light-colored supportive bra

shoes: loud? yes. me? yes.

ooch. Seriously this is like a go-to casual outfit for me. I can do better than this. right?


Dad said...

Sounds like we need to put you in for one of those fashion intervention shows. (Says the kettle calling the pot black)

Erin said...

This is so exciting! What a fun idea. Are you watching Tim Gunn's new show? You would love it if you are looking to have a makeover. I'm looking forward to seeing your fun transformation!