Saturday, October 20, 2007

Style Journey- Day 2

I am on wardrobe transformation day 2 and enthusiasm is still high!

Day 1 consisted of going through my already decimated wardrobe and weeding it further. Clothes I don't wear were separated into 3 piles of:

1.Items that need mending to be wearable (1 pair of pants from AinA that i need to let the hem down)

2.Items that I would wear if i could figure out what to wear them with (small pile)

3.Items destined for the salvation army (largest pile)

(It is becoming apparent to me that this procedure is maybe more for people that have the opposite problem than I, but c'est la vie!) Today's task was to take an item from group 2 and wear it. I chose a dress that i have worn exactly once to a summer wedding in the UP like 4 years ago. i thought i could fall it up by throwing a sweater over it and black opaque tights.

Here is where taking the picture really came in handy! i thought it looked fine in the mirror but upon reviewing the pic, I realized the solid color block on the top was making me look like I had no waist. So i changed it to a cardie.

better? I thought so. Maybe if I could find a black hipster blazer could even do it for work. Actually made the effort to put on some makeup too. Spent my downtime today browsing various fashion sites, everything from streetstyle, found a designer I really like, and indie style sites for ideas. And I wrote down concepts for outfits. i am nervous to shop, cause I hate shopping but I am excited about going to stores with some concrete ideas in mind.

Thoughts- i am hopeless about accessories. Need to figure out how to work those in...

*Miss D insisted on changing into her dress and "clippty-clop" shoes so i had her be in the pics too. Think of it as the YBS Spring 2008 look.


Jason said...

yay! a marked improvement! and so nice to see you in a dress!

but i do hope you wouldn't think of throwing the duck tape coat over that!?!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Wait, you're clueless on accessories? I thought that was a gene that all women were born with.

I like the outfit with the cardigan. Good thinking on that one.

Good luck!!

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

You own a duck tape coat?!

Stacy said...

Cute dress! I love shopping, so if you want a partner let me know. I can't buy anything for myself until after baby, so I haven't been in a while.

stef said...

Stace- Do you really like shopping enough to go with someone while you don't buy anything for yourself? If so I will totally take you up on that.

stef said...


Yes, I have an ancient puffy coat that I bought USED in Australia 10 years ago that has some rips that I duct taped. I thought it was very rock n' roll of me...

Stacy said...

I actually do like shopping even when I can only fit in elastic pants! Just let me know when you want to go. :)