Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Last days of Indian Summer

First of all a show update:

It doesn't look as if cranky-pants review will do any lasting damage. We don't have official counts but there was a reasonably sized house last friday. We also have some good "puff" pieces coming out in great press outlets like the LA Times and Flavorpill over the next few weeks so hopefully the houses will start to increase.

On to the post:

This weekend was HOT. Muggy and hot. Even still, I tried to take Miss D out every day to the playground as the temperature dropped today and it looks like it will stay that way. I kept looking for the ice cream cart guys but they must have turned in all their stuff for the year already. Last night we had a few friends over for our (likely) last Monday backyard BBQ of the year. Due to our many friends in the theatre biz, Mondays have been our regular get-togethers and it is something we all enjoy and look forward too. As the sun went down it cooled off to a beautifully pleasant temperature. John fired up some rib-eyes, the ubiquitous chicken sausages and some amazing marinated mushroom caps brought by our friends the McD's. Green salad and Panne L'Ancienne (Courtesy Bread Makers Bible- which turned out AMAZING) from me. And Dessert? S'Mores with both the traditional Hersheys and fancy-doo Lindt Dark Chocolate. Miss D. found the classic s'more to be a tad too sticky for her tastes so she simply put the chocolate between two grahms and went to town. That is, until she abandoned the crackers altogether and just gorged on chocolate!

Everyone had a grand time and we all toasted to warm October nights.

On a side note, Miss D. has developed a particular fondness for our friend Mr. H. I'm not sure if you call it a "crush" with a 2 1/2 year old but it is very sweet.


alexis said...

oh, that sounds lovely stef! I do miss BBQs. And heat.

You just wait and see, this show's gonna be the ticket to staaahhhdom :)

Dad said...

Another great bread from the Master (Mistress just doesn't convey the same image)