Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally! (Ch-ch-ch-Changes)

Well it's finally happened.

After 7 long years together my band (the one that starts with a "J") came to a sudden and rather uneventful end on Wednesday night, accompianied by a sizeable wave of relief.

The exciting news is that 3 of us intend to still make music together as part of a new project. We have a lot of great ideas that we've never been able to follow through on and have a clear vision about the type of songs we want to write. A new name and a new beginning. I can't wait!

I think this is just the start of things starting to move for me. My years of stagnation were jostled by our trip to Europe this year and the effects of that are slowly beginning to work themselves out in all aspects of my life.

After so much time treading water due to indecision, it feels great to be in control and making things happen- even if I'm not sure where they'll lead! ;)


Dad said...

Good for you daughter!

Stacy said...

That's awesome, motherrocker. I will definitely miss your "J" shows, but it sounds like you already have some very fun stuff in the works. Good for you!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Sweet!! Directed change can be great (as opposed to change for the sake of change). I love it when a plan comes together!