Monday, October 15, 2007

Why Bread

While I have many friends and relatives who cook not everybody bakes. And most who do bake do baking of the sweets variety. Why is bread baking seen as impressive?

The reasons I bake my own bread:

- I prefer artisan-style breads with crunchy/crackly crusts and soft, well-aerated interiors. These breads are:

A. expensive ($2 for a baguette!?)
B. not sold at convenient locations (20- 30 mins to the Trader Joes, fancy bakery, or Whole Paycheck)

- I grew up in a household where bread was baked. (Not regularly, but often enough that it was not an anomaly)

- Once you start messing with bread- it's hard to turn back as it is so eminently fascinating. (How do you take the same 4 ingredients: Flour, yeast, salt and water and end up with such an infinite variety of things?)

I have some theories as to why more people don't bake their own bread:

-Bread requires forethought (at least 3-4 hours and up to weeks depending)

-Bread requires time (see above)

-Maybe seen as labor intensive? (Too much work and what if it doesn't turn out right?)

I'd be curious to know if you bake bread. If you do- why? If you don't- would you ever? Why or why not?


Dad said...

I would love to get into baking bread but for two big reasons.

1. No time
2. I'd be stepping toes and into the turf of someone who's very, very important to me.

I'm so glad you are doing it. It's a source of just a bit of parental pride.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

I bake because I'm poor and good bread costs a lot of money (and a lot of gas to go get it). And flour is one of the cheapest things you can put on your grocery cart.

kegz said...

I would bake bread if I had confidence in my ability to bake bread. Kind of a chicken and egg thing.