Sunday, October 21, 2007

Style Journey- Day 3

Here is another attempt for me to try to work in an item I never wear. Husband talked me into buying this lightweight "jacket" pre-baby as part of a "rock-outfit" that I mainly wore onstage. I was also hoping to tackle what I see to be a bigger issue of mine- no attractive casual wear. There's got to be a way to be comfortable and still look good when you're doing casual things like going to a friends house or taking the Dukes to the playground and library. Urm. This is not it.
I think maybe it could of worked with a more fitted T. But the jacket not only turned my shirt purple but I noticed later in the day had a big hole in the back is probably not a keeper.

Today's assignment was to make a big list of items I need/desire. Mine is long! Although day 3 did not say it was time to go shopping, I knew I was not going to have an opportunity to shop for a couple of weeks so I decided to go out in search of one particular item. An item I have been telling myself I need for over a year now. A pair of comfortable jeans that look great.

I currently have 3 pairs of jeans. They are all comfortable but none of them really look that good. I was curious to see if the $ you put into the jeans makes a difference. I started at the new Loehmanns they opened on state street. I pretty much grabbed every pair of jeans they had in my size- there wasn't that many. Then I went across the street to Macy's to try my luck. Beyond the ones that just obviously didn't fit, I performed a couple of tests including:

The plumber:

(This pair passed!)

The muffin:

(only to fail)

I made a point to note that even if a pair "fit" did it meet all my criteria points? After 1 1/2 hours I was thirsty and done. Now I'm sure you experienced shoppers out there are probably thinking "ONLY- 1 1/2 hours!?", but that is a long time for me. And I am happy to report that I did not quit because I was frustrated or dismayed and also that I did not buy the first thing that sort of worked.

I suspect this transformation is going to take a while.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Wait, the "muffin" test? I saw the picture and still couldn't figure out what that meant. Sounds intriguing though.

Nice job passing on just "acceptable" jeans. That's a huge step in the right direction I think.

90 minutes is just about my limit too if I'm really looking......

Jason said...

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is not as easy as it sounds. My advice: when you find the designer that works for you, grab every wash they have in your size. For me, it's H&M. I know I can go there and grab a pair off the rack in my size and they'll be great.

I actually don't think the price is what makes the jean though. A couple years ago I plunked down $250 on a pair of jeans. With immediate buyers remorse (and a very frustrated husband) nagging me, I returned them the next day. The next week I went to an outlet mall and found THE PERFECT jeans for $15.

And, LCJ, muffin top = when one's extra junk spills out over the top of the waistband - creating a muffin top if you will.