Monday, October 22, 2007

Style Journey- Day 4

Not really sure why I am sharing this pic with you. I sort of fell down on the task today and just went with something I would normally wear. I think the best that can be said about this ensemble is that it is inoffensive. It is most certainly boring. I am about to nod off just looking at it. Also, if I am being fully honest with myself- I have outfatted those pants.

Today's assignment was to interview my most fashionable friend and get their truthful opinion of my current fashion style and sense. Who better to talk to then Mr. Jones, the owner and creator of the fabulous Zola Jones Designs handbag line. (Now available at Macy's on State Street!- Right next to the Gucci and Prada!)

In all honesty, Mr. Jones is probably the only friend I have that really puts a substantial amount of effort into defining his personal aesthetic. He changes with the seasons!

Mr. Jones expressed concern that he would hurt my feelings, but in truth he didn't actually bring much fresh insight. (Maybe I wasn't asking the right questions???) He basically had the same thoughts that I have been having. My clothes don't fit and they look like I don't really put any thought into it. Quelle Suprise! When I asked him to describe my look, he said, "There is one? Um....comfortable."

There is a 2nd part to this that we'll hopefully do in the next couple of days where I'll have him come over and look at my wardrobe and have him give me suggestions about what to wear with what. I'm very excited, as he is very creative and I'm sure will give me lots of new ideas. Remind me to mention accessorizing...


Dad said...

Well between you and the Dukes, you certainly are pink! You may have two strikes against you in terms of your genetics as far as being fashion impaired is concerned

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

"Outfatted"....that's a funny word. Looking forward to seeing what Jonesy comes up with. If only you could win a Macy's shopping spree....that would be awesome.

I can appreciate how you're taking a hard and rather serious look at yourself via your wardrobe. Introspection is good!