Thursday, November 15, 2007

Motherocker goes out

Husband very kindly let me out of the house last weekend to attend a rock n' roll performance at Reggies Live on the southern side of the Loop.

The venue is described as being in Pilsen but I'm not sure if that isn't a bit of a stretch. However I LOVED the place and I fully recommend you visit it. It's actually a complex containing the live venue, a head shop (that was open all night) and a record store on the upper level (not open all night). The space has a great laid back rocker vibe, warehouse/exposed brick, a deep concrete raised stage and a balcony with seating. The staff was amazingly nice from the door people to the bartenders which is pretty much unheard of.

I went to see good friend and music partner TR's band Let's Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop , it was their CD release party. They put on quite the fabulous show. I recommend you purchase their album! Here is a picture of TR shaking his stuff during their cover of "Saving all my love for you" (YES, The Whitney Houston song)

Sorry I can't figure out how to get this off it's side.

Here's the whole fabulous band rocking the eff out!

And I had to share a pic of their closers and labelmates, The Bitter Tears. They put on an AMAZING live show and were very inspiring. Alan, the fellow in the red dress, was the man who played some horns for a song TR and I did. He is so nice and low key in person. I had no idea he had such a disturbing stage presence. This is definitely a band you should see live if you ever get the chance. ;)


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Stepping out is stepping out! Good for you Stef. Wasn't Reggie's featured in some movie? If you don't know, maybe one of your readers does.

alexis said...

with all this coolness Stef, your children are going to have to rebel by becoming republican.