Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Musings

Once again, I neglected to download any pics. Tonight!

Today, a co-worker asked me where I buy my clothes! (i gave her more information than she probably wanted)

I will try to get some pics/vid of the belly dancing for you- no promises though. It looks like we will be wearing masks anyway, so you will have to tell which one I am by tattoos only. (And there are a fair amount of tattoos going on in the group so you will have to be specific!)

I am soooooo close to having a first draft of my resume done-maybe I can finish it tomorrow night. Who wants to review it for me?

My goodest friend J is coming into town from NYC tonight. I can’t wait to catch up with him. We were roommates for a time in college. One of the things we always used to do together was put on some tunes and dance like crazy in our apartment- trying to make each other laugh. I bet he will be surprised to see that I am still doing this most nights- with Miss D as my dance partner!

A couple of people have made comments to me lately as to how I am an “overachiever” (AinA) or how they “can’t imagine how you have time for all the things you do” (T from Let’s Get Out of this Terrible Sandwich Shop). The secret is, I do all of these things- but none of them very well! What can I say? It seems that no matter how I try to pare my life down I just manage to fill it up with other things. I am trying to come to terms with the possibility that maybe it is just my nature to be diffused. (Or maybe I just haven’t found the thing that I will love above all else?)

Surely there must be some benefit to doing many things at an average competency?


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

"Surely there must be some benefit to doing many things at an average competency?"

Welcome to my life Stef!!

More than happy to review your resume for you.

Now you and J can belly dance around the living room!!

Dad said...

Yes, it's called enjoying ones self as one is.

alexis said...

I am doomed to compare myself to you, my total opposite. I have always been one to do one thing and concentrate on it a lot. For the last few years, seems its been the job! Dulleroo.

Dad said...

I pass the same comment on to you Alexis.