Wednesday, November 7, 2007

To ice bike or not to ice bike

It seems like all of a sudden, those balmy 50 degree days of fall are passing and soon winter will be upon us. I have been hemming and hawing for over a month about whether or not to attempt to keep biking once temps drop below freezing.

Decisions, decisions...

On the one hand, I will need to invest in some gear. Based on an early start this season, I know that my coat and sweatshirt will get me down to the low 40's along with regular sneakers and gloves. Once it dips below 38 though, I will most likely need to purchase some combo of the following:

Balaclava $10-$17
Headband (for ears) $12-$18
Eyeglasses (too dark for sunglasses!) $6.50-$15
Neck Cover $9

Under shirt "wicking fabric" (most likely more than one!) $35
Fleece (middle layer) $50-$150
Gloves- $10-$70????
Sock Liners "wicking"(most likely more than one!)$4

Tights ? $35-$70
Windbreaker pants $40-$120

So if I got one of each of the cheapest things- I'm looking at about $125. Which is actually not that bad.

Then there is the weather. I doubt I will be biking on the ice and snow. However, my biking has already tapered off considerably. I am only biking in like once-twice a week these days. But on the other hand it's pretty much the only exercise I get. I know from experience that it is really hard for me to find time to work additional exercise into my schedule.

So huh.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Isn't Balaclava that Greek dessert?

I think we always remember Winter in it's worst of times. I'd be surprised if we have snow on the ground in any permanent form on Christmas. Except for days that there is actual precipitation, it's pretty much fine to bike into work. Some days the roads won't get cleared or it might be messy for...say a week, but then it will be fine again. Go for it! And save me some Balaclava!!!

Dad said...

Don't forget the cost of the increased life insurance to cover those icy days. Seriously, I think that Joe has a point but there is always the patch of moisture that is frozen in the morning that you don't see that is really dangerous.

stef said...

hmmm. 1 for, 1 against.

alexis said...

do you want me to get you a rain suit for x-mas? They will set you back 70 years in your fashion efforts, but they are awfully great in cold and rain