Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Fall Back!

I hope all my American readers are nice and rested this morning. Ahhhh, fall back. It is so delightful. What did you do with your extra hour?

We used it to spend time with our fabulous Chicago Family. First- we all went over to Mr. & Mrs. H's. Mrs. H whipped up some homemade individual chicken pot pies- including a vegetarian version she made up on the spot. Deeee-licious! Now that we are oldies, these types of gatherings usually poop out around 10pm. But with the extra hour looming, we moved the party over to our house (so Miss D could be put to bed). We engaged in a rousing game of charades (we looked up the rules on the internet) and it was an absolute blast. I'll have to remember how fun it was for other gatherings. I do think that copious substance abuse makes it more enjoyable. ;)

Sunday, Husband talked me into going to Costco. And you know I was in a good mood to agree to go to Costco in a Sunday morning. I managed not to kill anyone and we managed to spend our entire food budget for the month- but I scored a pound of chanterelles for $9.00! (How could I deny it?) I made risotto last night and plan to saute the rest simply tonight.


alexis said...

ohhh, daylight-savings was so last month. Europe goes over a couple weeks before you do.

This doesn't change the fact that I still have no idea what time it is there.

Dad said...

Waaaa -- no fair. I want a pound of chantarelles for $9!

Lakeview coffee joe said...

Hell, I don't know what time it is here either!

Costco, once in a while, can be a good place to go.