Thursday, November 1, 2007

Style Journey- Day 7

Oh yeah. it's back.

What do you think? It turned out a bit more goth than I intended. But I lost the picture I was thinking of and, well, one thing led to another, and um. So, I have pink hair. However- I want to look more chique and art-tastic with my look and I think this accomplishes it. Enough people have told me the highlights look red that I am sure I am accomplishing "skating the edge". Hey-ho. I am also trying to be a good fashionista and actually take the time to blow-dry it and stuff. Per the hairdresser (instructor) this color will fade pretty fast- so if I want to maintain it I should by some Manic Panic (!). Oyez, who knew my youthful experimentations would come back in my 30's.

However, in order for this hair to be acceptable in the "man's" world, it is essential that i am dressing sharp and in general looking "tight' as the rappers say. And not a sloppy punk mess. No more safety-pinned clothing for me!

Mr. Jones came by on Hallows Eve to witness my closet organizing. (It took all of 3 seconds as I have only one item in each color except black- so I skipped pictures) He did take one look at a pair of wool houndstooth pants that I had put aside to be let down and gave the alternate suggestion that I roll them up and wear them with knee-high boots. (paired with white mens oxford and a wide black low-slung belt to mask possible tummy pooching) Hopefully will give that a try next week. He also had many great ideas to add to my list of clothes to shop for, some were already on my list (more skirts, cute shoes, wide belts), some I hadn't thought of but intrigued me (button downs, mens-style shirts), and some I'm not sure about but will give a try (a-line skirts ending below the knee. I am thinking this will make me look short and my hips look wide but he disagrees)

i have some style-adventuring planned for the weekend, including one trip that may surprise you. (if you know me that is) So stay tuned readers!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Nice!! I like it!!

stef said...

well that is a shocker. really. i am shocked!

Dad said...

Forgiving my bleary eyed, distracted state on Thursday night, it looks very nice with that blow dried -do.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

C'mon! Why do you say that? Your hair looks nice. Just because I don't have any doesn't mean I can't appreciate a nice doo.

alexis said...

I like it too, and am further shocked that you are actually really going through with all this. Blow-drying of hair! My friends will never let me live it down if they find out my sisters go to the trouble but I can't be bothered.