Thursday, January 3, 2008

Feels Like –6, Biking, Batshit?

Yes I am. I actually ordered some winter tights but decided I couldn’t wait until I got them. (Danger Will Robinson!) My skin is unhappy with me. The ride was actually ok other than my eyelashes kept getting stuck together and my gears kept getting stuck. (The gears being the more major issue of the two.) I’ll have to do some research and see if I need to do some winterizing.


Last night Husband and I spent trolling the internets looking for part-time daycare for the Dukes. Apparently, if you want to get into a reputable program in the Chicago area, you need to put your kid on a wait list at least a year in advance. (For those of you smacking your heads saying “Duh!”- where were you a year ago?) I actually had started looking into preschool over the summer for her for Fall of 2008. Most of the public school ones do not even have applications available until spring, but I am starting to think I have missed the boat on getting her on a wait list for a private one (in case I don’t get her into a public one) Gah! I’m not ready for this.

We did bite it and spend the $40 to join the North Side Parents Network which has already proven to be a good source of knowledge and resources through the discussion boards. After quickly realizing a daycare center situation is not going to happen in the near future we are looking into home daycare and/or nanny share options. Then hopefully she will be able to go to preschool in the fall. Assuming I’m not too late. Gulp.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I like the redesign! You and Alexis and el supremo threatening to do it....damn, maybe I need to as well.

I'm not one of those that would have said "duh" about daycare. My church has preschool starting at 3 I think and they almost always have openings so I would have thought the same elsewhere.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oh, and how is your eyelashes freezing shut not as important as your gears freezing up?? I think NOT seeing and moving is MUCH worse than seeing and not moving.

kegz said...

Question on the freeze biking: Is the kicked up rock salt ever an issue?

Sounds damn cold.

stef said...

Lakeview- yes I saw 2 of my regular blogs had changed and decided to do it too. I am a follower!

Kegz- no issues w/rock salt as of yet.

Pulisha said...

I think that pre-school is always an issue in the bigger cities. If worse comes to worse, you can always use an in home daycare provider while you wait to get into pre-school. I think a nanny share is a great idea. I looked into that when we first got to LA, but since I have more than one child it didn't pan out for us. Good luck in finding quality care, it is a lot harder than people think!

Dad said...

I have total sympathy for what you and Pu are going through to get good day care. Things were a lot easier when Mom and I had you and we could just leave you out in the wild with the she-wolves.

Does your hubs recognize this extreme biking maniac you've become?

alexis said...

I keep forgetting you're quoting Farenheit. That's freakin' cold. But I will trade cold biking over the annoyances of public transit most days.