Thursday, January 24, 2008

Murphy's Law Morning

This morning for the second day in a row I did not have time to fix a lunch before I left the house, which means I will either have to starve or spend money. (Neither of which I like to do)

As I ran out of the house and started up the street (in wind chill of 20 below) I looked up to watch the bus pull away and off down the street. Crap.

I walk the 8 blocks to the train station, reach into my wallet where I always put my train card only to find that it is not there. (Hopefully it is in the pocket of the coat I wore yesterday and not on the street.)* So I had to cough up 2 bucks to buy a card.

At Belmont I got off as usual to switch to the red line. After an unusually long wait and just as the second brown line train to arrive departs the loudspeaker suddenly clicks on to announce that -hey! guess what? there is an effing delay on the red line. Vague statements that they are working to correct the issue are made.

After another looooong wait another brown line train arrives. I have forgotten my scarf and I feel like my face is going to snap off. With no sign of a red line I make the decision to switch back to the brown. Happily I snag a seat. Not so happily the train car has no heat.

By the time we round the loop my toeses are frozes. I arrive at work a mere 20 minutes late.

Now only time will tell- is this going to telegraph how the rest of my day is going to be?

*If it were truly a Murphy's Law Morning, I would not have had any money in said wallet to buy a train card with- which is usually the case.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Seats tend to be available in the ice-box cars. Ugh. If it's any consolation, driving sucked big time too.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

This is the kind of day where I try, if at all possible, to head home early and hide in bed so that nothing else can go wrong.

alexis said...

did the rest of the day shape up? I like to think of it as efficiently getting all the shit karma out of the way in one blow.

Dad said...

One expects that you finally shelled out money for your lunch only to find it was crappy.

I hate days like that.