Friday, January 25, 2008


Erin, of BCD fame, asked recently where the fashion pics are. Not to worry y'alls! I have not given up on my mission to hone my look. In fact, with the January sales Husband and I have both done a rush of online shopping over the past few weeks. (He probably hasn't bought clothes at least as long as I haven't!) I've gotten back on the hoss about taking some daily outfit pics so I'll start posting them soon. In the meanwhilst....SHOES!

When I first started this makeover process, Mr. Jones told me he'd like to see me wear some more feminine shoes. (As opposed to the clunky clodhoppers I've favored for years) Believe it or not, i actually already had two pairs of such shoes- one black, one brown- but I tend to leave them at work where I wear them most often. I figured it was more than time to expand my little collection.

I have coveted an oxford-style pump ever since I saw them come out in the fall. Apparently they are born of the "menswear-as-womanswear" trend that is set to die after this spring. But I'm in love with these shoes and I'm sure I'll continue to wear them even after the trend itself is gone. The color was a surprise find for me. when I saw them online (heavily discounted of course!) the color was described as "gray" but in the pics the shoes looked brown. I thought that I wouldn't have much use for gray shoes, but they didn't have the black in my size. So I decided to take a chance and pray they arrived brown. Once they arrived...I still wasn't sure! The truth is they look different depending on the quality of light. In soft, warm light they tend to read brown and in bright, white light (as above) they definitely look gray. They've turned out to be incredibly versatile and I've worn them with a few different colors. This is a pretty exciting discovery for me because I'm pretty sure if I'd seen them in a store I wouldn't have thought to buy them. Shoes- more than black, brown or bright colors. Who knew?

I've had a thing for mid-calf granny-boots ever since I was in high school. The last pair I had I wore absolutely into the ground and I haven't seen them in stores for a while. Generally I prefer a more "dated" styling for these (I am particularly fond of the lace-up kind with, uh...I don't know what you call them but they don't have holes for the laces, just little hooks? Like ice skates? help me out here...)Husband really liked these for me though and I'm glad he talked me into them.

When I was vegetarian, I also never wore leather shoes, so I'm still getting a thrill from wearing luxury footwear. Miss D likes them too!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oxford pump?? Really? That was/is in style? I'm way out of the fashion loop (no great surprise). Heck, I don't even like MEN's Oxfords anymore....though I have owned several pairs in the past.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

I love the pumps - very classy.

Dad said...

Wow, hopin' to see the full package for your birthday dinner.

Ms. D is obviously a fashion hound...or maybe pup.

Pulisha said...

Wow, Stef, those shoes makes you look so young ;)

alexis said...

wow, I remember all the years of leather-less shoe searching. What a breeze it must seem now that that restriction is gone!