Monday, January 14, 2008

Squirrels! *shakes fist*

A certain blogger once commented that if I start catching rats I will always have something to write about.

Well thank the baby jesus I don't have any rats to worry about, but over the past week Husband and I have noticed a creature a-scurryin' through the walls of our home. Eeek!

Their movement pattern seems to be limited and through a little investigative work on Husband's part we were able to locate the hole chewed in the wood just under the gutter right above the window on our stairs. As Husband pointed it out to me the little bastard stuck his nose out of it!

Husband already has somewhat of a Donald Duck/Chipmunk relationship with squirrels over our various attempts to keep them from eating all of our vegetables out of our garden before we can get to them.

The plan is to borrow a big ladder from our neighbour and go up there, hopefully while it/they are gone, and nail a board over the hole. What a fun job in the middle of winter.


kegz said...

My neighbor has the exact same problem. He has a family of squirrels living in a hole in the soffet under the roof. He has decided based on past experience to put a radio in the hole and play Mariachi music to the squirrels. He says this will make them uncomfortable and leave. I'm not suggesting, just sayin.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

That was pretty funny that the squirrel poked his head out! Ha!

Rats and squirrels are pretty much the same thing, but as someone once said, "never underestimate the benefit of a furry tail."

Dad said...

You know how we feel about squirrels here. Your mother will be happy to share her repertoire of squirrel destruction lore.

alexis said...

sounds like you have racist squirrels kegz.