Thursday, February 28, 2008

Recording- The Deets

Hmmm, yes I guess I didn't tell you the details of the "recording studio". Actually we are at the former home of T's Grandparents. The house is currently on the market but since it is winter, T's father is doing some work on it and doesn't mind that we go there to record. The room pictured below is the basement, the green shag was apparently originally featured as wall to wall on the first floor and is ORIGINAL from like the 60's y'all, so RESPECT. The fabulous bar area we used for our "booth" was I believe built by T's Father. All of the furniture pictured is also grandparent furniture that has yet to find a home.

These pics are from last friday when we went in at night to mainly do overdubs which is why we were in the basement. (So as not to disturb the suburbanites!) The main tracks had been recorded the previous weekend all over the house.

Like my Shatwrights project, we are recording this demo ourselves using Garage band and a fabulous 8-input beauty called the Presonus Firepod. Wowza! TR has done a pretty good mix on one song already and you would be amazed at the quality you are capable of these days.

TR has signed on to do the mixing (with all his free time?????) which is a blessing as he has the most experience. Not to mention he is meticulous. I told him he should consider advertising on Craig's list and make some extra cash! (Mobile recording by TR)

In other news, have you heard of Dengue Fever? I am in love, love, love with their new album. If you like 60's garage rock and southeast asian singing (I do!) then you will love it too. (Free older tracks here.)


Bernice said...

I can't wait to hear a bit of the music. I have no idea how much work goes into such a project.

Tim said...

Congrats, can't wait to hear another rockin' album...your so fortunate to be in that situation. Congrats again Steph.!!

alexis said...

I've noticed lately you've been channeling a lot of 80's black rapper speech lately. Is this how all the cool kids speak these days in America?